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Open House New York’s Monograph in Motion is an ongoing series of public tours celebrating the work of design firms that have had a significant impact on New York City’s built environment. Monograph in Motion tours illuminate how larger ideas about design and urbanism are expressed through a firm’s buildings and how those ideas evolve […]

If there is an architectural expression of New York’s current obsession with food, it is the food hall. Combining elements of the enclosed public markets of the 19th century with the food courts of the 1970s, today’s food halls constitute, as one writer observed, “the most significant development in restaurant real estate this decade.” Open […]

I am OHNY is an annual campaign that celebrates OHNY’s community of supporters. Robert Balder is Executive Director of Cornell University’s College of Architecture, Art, and Planning (AAP) New York City program, and has been an OHNY supporter from it’s start. “I first learned about OHNY shortly after it was founded in 2001. The goal of […]

I am OHNY is an annual campaign that celebrates OHNY’s community of supporters. Saundra Thomas is Vice President of Community Affairs at WABC-TV, a longtime media sponsor of OHNY Weekend. She first heard about Open House New York in its early years, when OHNY founder Scott Lauer reached out to WABC-TV for promotional support for OHNY […]

I am OHNY is an annual campaign that celebrates OHNY’s community of supporters. Phillip Sulke is founder of Shopikon and an OHNY member. He has contributed and participated in a number of our programs, from talks and boat tours, OHNY Weekend, and special events! “OHNY appeared on my radar for its yearly OHNY Weekend. Once I […]

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