Missed Reservation Day for the 12th Annual OHNY Weekend? Fear not! There are still dozens of fantastic tours with a few spots left—but act quickly, as reservations close on Thursday, October 9th, and time is running out!

Wondering what there is to see? Here are some fantastic tours of sites where you can see how New Yorkers LIVE.

Photo: David Sundberg/Esto

Photo: David Sundberg/Esto

The Schermerhorn

Visitors to Common Ground’s Schermerhorn residence will not only learn how this award winning, multi-purpose residence was constructed on a very challenging site but also about the benefits of a model known as ”supportive housing.” Home to 216 low-income and formerly homeless special needs tenants, The Schermerhorn offers onsite social services that help individuals thrive in housing. Click here to reserve!

Photo: Garrett Rowland

Photo: Garrett Rowland

Suzanne Tick Home & Studio

Suzanne Tick is a textile designer, artist, weaver and entrepreneur for whom living and working are intertwined figuratively and literally—her looms, studio, and design consultancy co-exist in her East Village townhome, a three-story building with a professional design studio churning out collections of fabrics, carpet, resin, glass, and more. Click here to reserve!

Photo: Andrew Rugge archphoto

Photo: Andrew Rugge/archphoto

Urban Post-Disaster Housing Prototype

New York City is developing a post-disaster housing prototype for residents who may lose their homes as the result of a catastrophic coastal storm. Through the Urban Post-Disaster Housing Prototype Program, the City is creating a multi-story, multi-family interim housing solution that will work in urban areas across the country. Interim housing is post-disaster housing. Explore the prototype from top to bottom on OHNY Weekend. Click here to reserve!


For a full list of tours for which you can still reserve slots, visit ohny.eventbrite.com before October 9th!

The majority of sites participating in the 12th Annual OHNY Weekend will provide “open access” hours on Saturday, Oct. 11, and/or Sunday, Oct. 12, when visitors can explore at their own pace, on a drop-in basis.

Wondering what there is to see? Here are some fantastic Open Access sites where New Yorkers go to PLAY.

M-Apollo Theater_credit Shahar Azran_full

Photo: Shahar Azran

Apollo Theater

Harlem’s Apollo Theater is one of New York City’s and America’s most iconic and enduring entertainment venues. Visitors are invited to arrive and explore the theater from 10:15-11am, and stay for a lecture on the building’s architecture and 100-year history from 11am-12:30pm on Saturday, Oct 11. Click here to read more!


Photo: Michael Moran

Photo: Michael Moran

Highbridge Park Recreation Center

This WPA era pool house reopened in 2014 after a three-year collaboration between faculty and students of the Design Workshop at Parsons the New School for Design, and the Capital Projects professionals at NYC Parks. Students designed and constructed changing pavilions that make it possible to keep the gym open in the summer, and converted the breezeway into a lobby, community space and computer room. The Rec Center will be open on both Saturday and Sunday. Click here to read more!

Photo: Durston Saylor

Photo: Durston Saylor

Weylin B. Seymour’s

The 1875 Williamsburgh Savings Bank building was instrumental in shaping the trends of architectural design throughout the nation. Experience the spectacular interior of this architectural treasure, which recently underwent a painstaking restoration to become Weylin B. Seymour’s, a vibrant center for gatherings, cultural, and social events, on Sunday, Oct. 12. Click here to read more!

Missed Reservation Day for the 12th Annual OHNY Weekend? Fear not! There are still dozens of fantastic tours with a few spots left—but act quickly, as reservations close on Thursday, October 9th, and time is running out!

Wondering what there is to see? Here are some fantastic tours of sites where New Yorkers go to PLAY.

Bushwick Park by Kiss Cathcart

Photo: Paul Warchol

Bushwick Inlet Park

Kiss + Catchcart Architects and the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation will lead a behind-the-scenes tour of the new Bushwick Inlet Park district headquarters and community center, an amazing new green building literally tucked beneath a vibrant, elevated waterfront park designed by Starr Whitehouse Architects. Click here to reserve!

SI-Discover Freshkills Park_credit Courtesy of the City of New York_full

Photo: c/o City of New York

Discover Freshkills Park

Hop on the bus to Freshkills Park to learn the story of the past, present and future of this unique site’s development. NYC Parks staff will discuss the planning and the design of Freshkills Park, from the master planning process with James Corner Field Operations to the in-house strategy for executing the final vision. Stops at the top of the park’s hills offer beautiful panoramic views of Staten Island. Click here to reserve!

Q-Urban Landscapes Along the Water's Edge in Long Island City, The_credit Larry Blumberg_full

Photo: Larry Blumberg

Urban Landscapes Along the Water’s Edge in LIC

Join Robin Lynn and Francis Morrone, authors of the recently published Guide to New York City Urban Landscapes, on an exploration of Gantry Plaza State Park and Hunter’s Point South Park, adjacent open spaces along the water’s edge in Long Island City, to see creative landscape architecture at this former industrial site, now revitalized and green. Click here to reserve!


For a full list of tours for which you can still reserve slots, visit ohny.eventbrite.com before October 9th!


Photo: Nicolas Lemery Nantel for OHNY


Each year since first participating in 2011, the iconic TWA Flight Center at JFK has been one of the most visited sites during OHNY Weekend, typically drawing up to four thousand people. Hosted by the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, which oversees the building and is managing its stunning restoration, the annual opening of TWA for the Weekend is one of the only times each year that you can experience this Modernist masterpiece, which is more thrilling in person that any photograph you have ever seen.

This year, the TWA Flight Center will again welcome OHNY visitors when it is open on Saturday, October 11, from 11:00 AM to 3:30 PM. As an Open Access site, visiting the TWA Flight Center requires no reservations and is free of charge. You can drop in at any time from 11 to 3:30 on Saturday! Keep in mind that the PANYNJ is actively seeking a developer to find a new life for the landmarked building, so this could be the last chance to see the Flight Center in its current state.

To get to the TWA Flight Center by public transportation, take a bus or train to Jamaica Center and hop on the AirTrain to the JetBlue Terminal (Terminal 5). Once inside, take the escalator or elevator down to the ground level and go to Carousel 6 in the baggage claim area, where you will see the glass doors that are the entrance to the TWA Terminal. When you find yourself walking down the spectacular, tunnel-like entrance passage in the photo above, you’ll know you’re in the right place!

Planning to visit TWA this year? Head out a bit earlier in the day for a special walking tour of Jamaica Center, organized by the Jamaica Center BID. If you’ve ever wondered about the neighborhood surrounding the transit hub where the subway and the AirTrain connect–first settled by the Dutch in 1656 and now the thriving commercial hub of southeastern Queens–this OHNY Weekend tour is your chance to learn more. Space is limited and reservations are required, but there are still a few spots left—click here to sign up today!



On behalf of the staff of Open House New York, thanks to everyone who lived through OHNY Weekend Reservation Day with us yesterday. If there are ever any doubts about the level of public interest in architecture and urban design in New York City, Reservation Day at OHNY pretty much annihilates them. In the past four weeks, our website had more than 340,000 page views, with 140,000 of those happening yesterday alone (an increase in traffic of more than 30% over last year). By 5:00 pm yesterday, we had processed 7,034 reservations out of a total of approximately 9,500. 6,000 of those were placed within the first 60 minutes after reservations began. My favorite observation of the day came from a Bowery Boys tweet, pointing out that “only in New York would tickets for a Woolworth Bldg tour sell out faster than a One Direction concert.” (For the record, the pace of reservations last year was compared to a Lady Gaga concert, so make of that what you will.)


For those of you who got the tours you wanted, cherish those reservations–I can only guess at what their street value must be today. For those of you who did not get the tour(s) you wanted, we are deeply sorry. OHNY was founded to provide access and if it were up to us, you would get into everything you wanted to see. But for a number of fairly obvious reasons (space, security), that is not always possible. At the end of the day, we still believe that limited access is better than none at all, so we respectfully disagree with suggestions that we should radically increase the reservation fee, or eliminate tours altogether.


For those of you who had issues with Eventbrite, the third-party ticketing system that we use to manage reservations, we extend a special apology. We recognize that it is an imperfect ticketing system and that many of you had frustrations searching for tours and/or placing reservations. We empathize with your frustrations because we have had our own as an event organizer. All things considered, however, for the moment it is the best system we have found to manage the enormous demand; without it, we would simply not be able to offer such a rich and wide-ranging list of sites and tours.


Whether you did or did not get reservations for the tours that you wanted, please remember that the majority of sites that participate in OHNY Weekend are Open Access and require no reservations at all. This includes all the sites on pages 6-25 of the OHNY Weekend Event Guide, a phenomenal list that includes perennial favorites like the TWA Flight Center (open Saturday, 11am-3:30pm) and the Brooklyn Army Terminal (Saturday, 10am-4pm), as well as first-time sites like Weylin B. Seymour’s (Sunday, 12-6pm) and nearly the entire list of makerspaces presented as part of our Making it Here series (days and times vary; check out page 11 in the Event Guide for more information). And don’t forget that there are still plenty of sites with available reservations; you can check them out at ohny.eventbrite.com.


That OHNY Weekend exists at all still astonishes me. On a typically beautiful fall weekend, hundreds of people all over the city open their doors and a thousand more volunteer their time, so that tens of thousands of us get to experience for ourselves the architecture that makes New York the most remarkable city in the world. It demands an enormous amount of everyone’s time and energy–to say nothing of patience–and that it comes off as smoothly as it does is a testament to the commitment of all involved, from our sites to our volunteers to our audience.


We cannot thank all of you enough for your part in making this such an extraordinary event. We hope you have a fantastic OHNY Weekend!



Gregory Wessner
Executive Director