A weekly preview of participating sites and programs in the 11th Annual OHNY Weekend on October 12 & 13, 2013. Here’s a look at some of the collections you shouldn’t miss this year! 





Photo credit: Naho Kubota


Located in a hidden alleyway south of Canal Street, Museum is tucked away in a former freight elevator shaftway. A collection of collections from around the world, New York City’s smallest museum hosts an assemblage of collections of often overlooked objects.  With rotating exhibitions of items ranging from potato chip bags to Chinese funeral paper offerings to excavation tools and rocks from an imaginary mission to Mars, Museum shows the public that even the most everyday objects – no matter how mundane they may seem – can hold fascinating stories.

For a preview, read “Museum, All 60 Square Feet of It, Celebrates the Eccentric” recently featured in the New York Times.


Neustadt Collection of Tiffany Glass


Q-Neustadt Collection of Tiffany Glass_credit Richard Goodbody


Neustadt 01 Small Neustadt 02 Small

Photo credit: Richard Goodbody


View one of the largest collections of Tiffany glass in the world at The Neustadt Collection of Tiffany Glass in Long Island City, Queens.  Founded in 1969 by Dr. Egon Neustadt and his wife Hildegard, The Neustadt Collection of Tiffany Glass is dedicated to presenting, promoting, and developing its holdings of Louis C. Tiffany’s work.  This beautiful and extensive collection includes Tiffany lamps, windows, metalwork, and other various objects, as well as a unique archive of Tiffany sheet glass and pressed glass leftover from the Tiffany Studios after its closing in the early 1930s.

For a preview, see highlights from the collection here.


City Reliquary


BK-City Reliquary_credit Rhiannon Platt
Photo credit: Rhiannon Platt


Connect with both the past and present of New York City with a visit to City Reliquary in Williamsburg.  Originally a window displaying collections of NYC artifacts to passersby, it has since expanded to a storefront located in Williamsburg.  Focusing on NYC’s everyday items (whether that day be today, or a day in the past), permanent items include an extensive collection of Statue of Liberty figurines, a Jackie Robinson shrine, and a locker filled with memorabilia related to the NYC burlesque scene.  Rotating exhibitions of community contributions consist of trinkets such as giant pencils, unicorn statues, copper jelly molds, and more.

For a preview, watch a video of News 12 Brooklyn’s recent coverage of the site with City Reliquary president Bill Scanga.


Renee and Chaim Gross Foundation


M-Renee and Chaim Gross Foundation_credit Sotheby's

Photo credit: Sothebys


Step into the former home of the late sculptor Chaim Gross and his wife Renee at the Renee and Chaim Gross Foundation. Located in Greenwich Village, this historic townhouse not only housed the artist’s studio space and living quarters of the Gross family, but it also currently holds an extensive collection of Gross’s artwork, an immense archive of letters, photographs, and other personal memorabilia, and Gross’s large personal collection of African, Oceanic, Pre-Columbian, American, and European art.

For a preview, watch a video of the Foundation’s recent exhibition of the Gross’ collection of  Nigerian Sculpture.


Full listings with details about times and locations of all sites and programs will go live on our website in early October. Please check back then for specific dates, times and information about advance reservations, if required.