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While the majority of sites open during OHNY Weekend are Open Access and can be visited free of charge and without reservations on October 17 and 18, some sites and tours require advance reservations due to space or security restrictions. Information about all sites and tours can be viewed at ohny.org. Advance Reservations begin on October 7 at 11 am.

In 2014, more than 9,000 reservation slots went live on Reservation Day, and 6,000 were spoken for within the first few hours. If you’re a seasoned OHNY Weekend participant you’ve probably got a tried-and-true plan of attack for reserving spots on the tours you most want to attend. But if you haven’t participated in Reservation Day before, we’d recommend taking the following points into consideration as you get ready for the big day!

  Building date: 1989 renovation: ongoing Architect: Paul M. Rudolph The last NY townhouse built by modernist Paul Rudolph, with its series of intricately interwoven horizontal and vertical spaces.

  • Head to ohny.org: OHNY uses Eventbrite to manage all reservations for OHNY Weekend; each Advanced Reservation tour has its own web listing at ohny.org and a corresponding reservation page on Eventbrite. Reservation links to Eventbrite will become visible on web listings 11 AM on October 7. A list of all Advance Reservation tours with links directly to corresponding Eventbrite pages will also be posted on ohny.org/reservations at that time.
  • Know the basics: There is a $5 fee, per guest, for each reservation, and you will be able to reserve up to 2 spots for each tour. If you are reserving for more than two people on a tour, you will need to go through the reservation process multiple times. This is done to ensure that no one guest is able to book large numbers of spots on any one tour. Once you begin a reservation, you will have eight (8) minutes to complete your reservation, so have your payment information ready before you begin.
  • An Eventbrite account will give you an edge: You do not need an Eventbrite account to make reservations for OHNY Weekend tours, but having one can help speed up the reservation process, as Eventbrite will save your name, address, and credit card info (if you grant it permission to do so). This cuts down on the time each reservation will take to complete.

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  • Know your priorities: The more excited you are about a tour, the better the chances that lots of other people are excited about it, too. Know going in that you may not have time to secure spots on every tour on your list. Tickets for Advance Reservation tours sell out very quickly—some sell out within seconds of going live. As the Bowery Boys tweeted last year, “Only in New York would tickets for a Woolworth [Building] tour sell out faster than a One Direction concert.”
  • And remember: There are plenty of great Open Access sites that you can visit without a reservation!  The majority of sites participating in OHNY Weekend have Open Access hours on October 17 and 18, meaning that you already have access to most of the spaces that will be open during OHNY Weekend before reservations even begin. If you can’t get a reservation for a tour, there are still many beautiful, fascinating, and wonderful places to explore during OHNY Weekend!