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  Open House New York is partnering with dsgnfix to help you navigate the city this OHNY Weekend! dsgnfix is a free, location-based iOS app that enables you to search, discover and share design destinations. During OHNY Weekend, all Open Access sites will be listed on dsgnfix, with information about location and what times you […]

Each year, an amazing group of more than one thousand people–from around New York and around the world–volunteer to help make OHNY Weekend possible. Volunteers play a pivotal role on-site, greeting visitors and managing lines and check-in. Kathryn Yu is a User Experience Designer living in the West Village. She has generously donated her time […]

  New York has always been a city of engineering feats, home to historically important projects–from the Brooklyn Bridge to the subway system to the Empire State Building– that pushed the boundaries of structural possibility. Over the past decade, architects and engineers have continued this long tradition of structural innovation, using new materials and technologies […]

Open House New York is excited to announce the first in a series of profiles about 2015 OHNY Weekend volunteers. Volunteers play a pivotal role on-site managing lines, fielding questions, and assisting with check-in. Quite simply, OHNY Weekend would not be possible without the generous contribution of their time and energy. In the inaugural profile, Michael Crowe talks […]

For this year’s cover art, OHNY’s designers, PS New York, turned to long-time collaborators Moorhead & Moorhead to help create an object that captured the spirit of OHNY Weekend. Inspired by their own Weekend experiences, Moorhead & Moorhead designed and fabricated a life-size frame that parallels how the Weekend itself acts as a frame for […]

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