I am OHNY is a campaign we began in 2011 to highlight and celebrate Open House New York’s diverse community of supporters. Alastair Elliott is a Principal and Chief Operating Offer at Silman and President of the Structural Engineers Association of New York (SEAoNY). We worked with Alastair and SEAoNY this year on Engineering New York, a special OHNY Weekend series featuring eleven recent projects that illustrate the state of the art of structural engineering in New York City today, and the important role that structural engineers play to realize a new generation of New York City icons such as the Apple Cube at Fifth Avenue, Brookfield Place, Hudson Yards, and the new Whitney Museum of American Art.

After learning about “this year’s focus on structure, it became clear that this was the year to get involved, both for the Structural Engineers Association of New York and for me personally,” says Alastair. “The new Whitney Museum of American Art was one of my most challenging projects and I was excited to lead one of the tours during Open House Weekend.”

Thank you Alastair for opening our eyes to the important role structural engineers play everyday to transform beautiful ideas into reality!


What do you love most about New York City?
I like that there is so much variety and constant change that it is impossible to be bored. I am always discovering something new to do or finding something that has been here a lot longer than I have.

What is your most memorable Open House New York experience?
This year I led a tour of the new Whitney Museum of American Art. I had the opportunity to explain the structural systems of the building to an audience that generally knew very little about structural engineering, but was very interested to know more.

If OHNY could grant you an all-access pass to any place in the city, where would you go and why?
The Second Avenue Subway and East Side Access tunnels. A few years ago I had the opportunity to tour Water Tunnel number 3 and the 7 Train Extension tunnel. Both were fascinating; especially Water Tunnel number 3 which is deeper than just about everything else in the city.

OHNY is important to New York City because…
It educates the general public about the important work done every day by design and construction professionals, without which the city simply would not function.

Every building in New York is the product of a collaboration of a number of design and construction professionals, from architects to lighting designers to structural engineers. Help us continue to highlight the work of these professionals, who make our built environment possible.
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