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Open House New York is partnering with dsgnfix to help you navigate the city during the 2016 OHNY Weekend. dsgnfix is a free, location-based iPhone app that enables you to search, discover and share design destinations.

During OHNY Weekend, all Open Access sites will be listed on dsgnfix, with information about location and what times you can visit. It’s a great tool to find where to go next – dsgnfix uses your location to map the sites that are closest to you.

You can also use dsgnfix to post and share your own design discoveries – a building, a park, a unique view. Share what inspires you! Take a picture, write a description, and post to share with your friends, other OHNY Weekend explorers, and the dsgnfix community. After OHNY Weekend is over, you can use dsgnfix to continue navigating the world through the lens of design.

Visit the App Store on your iPhone and search for “dsgnfix” to download the app today, or visit

Please note: dsgnfix is availably only for iPhone users at the current time.