In the true spirit of Open House New York Weekend, this year’s Launch Party will give you a chance to visit a space that the public would never normally have the chance to see: the crown of Eleven Times Square, with its eye-popping views of the Crossroads of the World, the Midtown skyline, and the Hudson River.

OHNY invites you to join us at the top of this sculptural 40-story tower that defines the western gateway of Times Square along 42nd Street. Designed by FXFOWLE, Eleven Times Square draws its inspiration from Times Square’s 24-hour convergence of media, entertainment, commerce, and tourism. Not so much a singular object as a collage of shape and form, Eleven Times Square sensitively frames views of nearby icons like the Candler and McGraw Hill Buildings, and amplifies the energy of the surrounding blocks.

11ts_chrysler_ben helmer

Earlier this Spring, OHNY toured the space with FXFOWLE Principal Dan Kaplan. “The thing about architecture is that, by and large, it’s a craft,” Kaplan told the group. “It takes a lot of time, and a lot of care. Something like 35,000 hours went into this building [from FXFOWLE staff], and we didn’t even do the office interiors.” FXFOWLE has been instrumental in the re-imagining of the Times Square area over the past few decades, starting with their work on the iconic 4 Times Square in the late 1990s and more recently the new New York Times building. The completion of Eleven Times Square marks the culmination of that decades-long effort.

At the 2015 OHNY Weekend Launch Party, visitors will enjoy sweeping views from the 35th floor of the tower, which occupies a full block along Eighth Avenue between West 41st and West 42nd Streets; enter our Launch Party Raffle for a chance to go on exclusive tours of New York City icons; check out the Five Boroughs Pavilion, a project designed and fabricated by a studio at the Princeton University School of Architecture that maps hundreds of sites that OHNY has opened over the years; stop by the OHNY Weekend Concierge Desk for a personalized Weekend itinerary; and take your photo with the 2015 OHNY Weekend Frame—designed by Moorhead & Moorhead and featured on the cover of this year’s Event Guide.

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Open House New York acknowledges the generous support of SJP Properties and FXFOWLE for this year’s Launch Party.