We are back with Field Trip Fridays!

Renee recently took a trip to Ai Weiwei’s Art Farm, upstate in Salt Point, NY. Designed in 2006 by HHF Architects and Chinese artist/architect, Ai Weiwei, Art Farm is a storage facility and annex to Chambers Fine Art, a New York and Beijing gallery that specializes in contemporary Chinese art. Owner Christophe Mao decided to consolidate his archives in a stand-alone building on the property in upstate New York. The gallery space houses selections from gallery inventory and Mao’s private collection.

HHF and Ai Weiwei designed Art Farm to be viewable as a sculpture in itself. By focusing on the exterior aesthetics of the space, the designers created a structure that matched the character of the large sculptures located around the rest of the property. Corrugated steel panels, pre-fabricated for easy construction of agricultural buildings in the area, make up the walls of the space. When combined with the concrete slabs on which the structures rest, and which follow the contour of the land, the facility blends seamlessly into its surroundings.

The building includes storage spaces, an office, and showrooms. A continuous ramp hallway through the center of Art Farm, providing additional display space, draws visitors through the gallery and seamlessly blends the three levels. Interior walls are washed in white and, aided by the ceiling of exposed PVC insulation, circulate the limited natural light extremely efficiently. Concrete floors help create a bright atmosphere and also help to maintain a cool temperature inside, even during the warmer months. The facility is a unique spin on the traditional gallery and adds a special character to the rural area where it rests.

Art Farm_credit Renee Schacht (1)

Art Farm

Art Farm_credit Renee Schacht (3)

Inside the gallery space

Art Farm_credit Renee Schacht (7)

Art Farm_credit Renee Schacht (4)

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