Continuing with Renee’s recent trip to Israel in December, today takes us to the Design Museum Holon.

Holon, located just outside Tel Aviv, has recently announced February 2, 2010 as the inauguration date for Design Museum Holon and its building by Ron Arad Architects. After four years of construction, the museum will finally open to the public. It is Ron Arad’s first completed commercial architectural project of this scale and he makes use of COR-TEN, or weathered steel, which forms five bands of different oranges and reds.

Holon has been campaigning and investing in the development of their city’s cultural identity over the last few years and in 2003, Ron Arad Associates were invited to design and develop the first Israeli museum dedicated to design.

Design Museum Holon

Exterior of the museum

Renee noted that the building’s structure, especially when photographed, reminded her of a painted Richard Serra, and the design seems very innovative for the area. There is, however, the pre-exisiting Mediatheque Holon, which joins the new museum and is located right next to it. In comparison to this building, the Design Museum is very different and the shapes and colors are in contrast to the existing Mediatheque Holon.

The Design Museum will have site-specific exhibitions by invited international curators as well as traveling exhibitions and a historical collection of Israeli design will also be included. The first exhibition opens on March 4, 2010.

Colored bands

More photos of the construction process can be seen here.

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