Last Saturday (after the OHNY Volunteer Training on the Upper East Side), Hae-In went to the Dumbo Arts Festival, formerly the “Art Under the Bridge Festival,” which featured various art forms and spaces in the neighborhood. The three-day festival included more than 500 local and international artists showcasing their work with indoor and outdoor art installations, sculpture, performance art, video, circus arts, open studios and more.

DUMBO Arts Festival

There was a lot to see and do at this multi-disciplinary festival and there was also a juried grand prize for visual artists (free studio for 1 year plus $1000). Check out the photos below for a sampling:

Located along the water at Empire State Park, Jennifer Zackin’s installation “Aftershock” was assembled from hundreds of oil-absorbing hair booms. They looked like coral or giant tube worms one might find on the ocean floor, representing the colorful sea life being lost in oil disasters.

55 Washington Street had a variety of open studios, several on each floor, and one could wander around finding different exhibits of photography, video, watercolor, etc. “Pillow Pageant” included pillows and fabric pieces designed by 16 different artists, like the one above.

Ken Solomon’s video projection, also at 55 Washington Street, was called “One Shake and It’s Gone.” Using an etch-a-sketch, he draw an image reflecting the architecture of Dumbo and aimed to highlight the changing face of the neighborhood.

Lucia Warck-Meister created an art installation and performance piece in the park, entitled “High Tide.” Dancers performed with three transparent large globes while musicians played a composition about the ebbs and flows of the tide. The dancers’ movement reflected the movement of the river as well, and the bubbles were on display in between performances.

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