The Mast Brothers chocolate factory in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is New York City’s only bean to bar chocolate factory, where cacao beans are roasted, ground up, processed, aged, tempered and packaged into chocolate bars. Self-taught brothers Rick and Michael Mast renovated an old garage space, adding dark wood paneled counters and shelves, but kept the lofty, unfinished feel for their factory and store front.

Mast Brothers Chocolate display

There is a permanent chocolate scent that greets you as soon as you walk into the space, coming from the factory area in the back (and maybe those large bags of cacao beans stacked up around the shop area). There is also a great story that comes with the used convection oven– the Masts bartered 250 chocolate bars for the oven from Andrew Tarlow and Mark Firth, owners of Marlow & Sons, the well-known restaurant and shop in South Williamsburg.

Where the magic happens

Michael and Rick started experimenting with different recipes in their Williamsburg apartment before coming up with their distinct artisan chocolate, which they personally craft in small batches with cacao beans sourced from family farms in Venezuela, Ecuador and Madagascar.
Their laborious process involves breaking down roasted beans into pieces, shelling them and then grinding them into a paste. This gets kneaded and refined until they are satisfied with the texture and flavors produced. To learn more about the process, watch this 4 minute video on Cool Hunting.

Sacks of cacao beans

In addition to coming in unique flavors such as Dark Chocolate + Fleur de Sel, the bars are also beautifully wrapped in Florentine paper and paper designed by local artists, making great gifts.

Mast Brothers Chocolate Factory
105 North 3rd Street, Brooklyn, NY
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