Two weeks ago, OHNY’s executive director Renee Schacht flew to Tel Aviv to participate in the inaugural Open House Worldwide Conference as well as attend the Fifth Anniversary of Tel Aviv’s own Open House Weekend or ‘Batim Mibifinim’ (Houses from Within) as it’s called in Hebrew.

Houses from Within 2011 banner and owner of the Brown

Minutes after checking into the Brown TLV Urban Hotel, a newly opened boutique hotel, she was whisked to the roof terrace to meet her fellow Open House Family members.

Alon Bin Nun and Aviva Levinson, founders of Open House Tel Aviv, along with the Tel Aviv Global City Unit welcomed directors from Open House London, New York, Dublin, Melbourne, Slovenia, Barcelona, Chicago, and Rome along with journalists, architects and designers from around the world.

Alon Bin Nun from Open House Tel Aviv

After a brief overview about the history of Tel Aviv, the group set out on a short walking tour of The White City.  Following the tour, they visited the apartment of architect Uri Pelen.

private residence of architect Uri Pelen

No matter the city,  private residences are among the most popular sites to visit during Open House Weekends.  Thanks to their Open House Tel Aviv buttons, the international delegates were able skip the line.

just like OHNY's Annual Weekend, long lines in Tel Aviv

To cover even more ground, the group soon boarded a bus with stops at Beit Yad Lebanim, the City’s main public space dedicated to the memory of fallen solders; the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, specifically the Museum’s new addition designed by Preston Scott Cohen; and the Remez-Arlozorov Community Center, a mixed use building that includes a daycare center, kindergarten and municipal social service offices. Architects of the Center, Udi Kassif and Gant Mayslits, were on-site to talk about their designs and the development of the project.

exterior of Remez-Arlozorov Community Center

architects Udi Kassif and Gant Mayslits

playground area on the ground level

Stay tuned for more on Renee’s trip to Tel Aviv!

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