On Friday, Renee Schacht, executive director of OHNY, had the great pleasure of visiting the former TWA Terminal designed by Eero Saarinen at the John F. Kennedy International. She was welcomed by James Steven, the Port of Authority of New York and New Jersey’s Manager of JFK Physical Plant and Redevelopment. While visiting the space, Jim and Renee met up with Charles Kramer, the architect from Beyer Blinder Belle, who is leading the restoration of this landmark building.

The reason for her visit? We are delighted to announce that the former TWA Flight Center wil be opening its doors for OHNY Weekend.

twa flight center

twa flight center

Walking through the landmark structure, Jim and Charlie spoke about their restoration efforts. To date, the lobby, the flight tubes and the mezzanine (20,000 sq ft out of the total of 170,000 sq ft) have been restored.

view from mezzanine

view from mezzanine

The Terminal opened in 1962 a year after Saarinen’s death. The original design of the building featured one flight wing (the narrower of the two). In 1969, a second flight wing was added — known as Flight Wing One — which was designed by Roche-Dinkeloo and added to accommodate larger aircrafts.

original flight wing

original flight wing

lobby lounge

the lounge area in the lobby was restored to its original shape and splender


central clock

Although not part of  Saarinen’s original design, TWA installed a central clock in the lobby area soon after the terminal opened. The clock was also one of the many features restored, documenting the golden age of air travel.

Charles Kramer and his team have made some remarkable progress with the restoration, but many areas remain untouched at this time.


Thanks to the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and Beyer Blinder Belle Architects and Planners (BBB), the terminal will have a second life. To learn more about the landmark building and the restoration efforts, visit the TWA Flight Center on Sunday, October 16th from 1 – 4pm  during OHNY Weekend!  Charles Kramer and Jim Stevens will be on site to talk about the project.

Directions: http://www.mta.info/mta/airtrain.htm

E train to Jamaica Station. Transfer to the Airtrain. Take the AirTrain to JetBlue Terminal 5. Walk through the skywalk into the JetBlue Terminal. (Great photo opportunity here of the TWA Terminal.) Take the escalator or the elevator down to the ground level. Near Carousel 6 (baggage claim area), enter the TWA Terminal through the glass doors. It takes an hour to get to JFK from most parts of the city and another 15 minutes to get from Terminal 5 to the TWA Flight Center.  You will be entering the TWA Terminal through Flight Wing One.














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    I am proud to be your friend and classmate. You prove that great design endures these decades that vaporize in our midst! Thanks for the virtual tour. I will share it with friends who are close to NYC! Congratulations on your good work thus far, and crack the whip to complete the job!


  2. Cassandra Ramirez's Gravatar Cassandra Ramirez
    October 12, 2011 at 4:31 pm | Permalink

    I am SO excited for this new addition! Just last month while flying out of JFK I was wishing I could get an in-person look inside!

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