I AM OHNY is a campaign we began in late 2011 to highlight and celebrate OHNY’s diverse community of supporters. We interview OHNY supporters, participants, volunteers, and partners to ask them about their view of OHNY and why they love New York City. Scroll down to see who we interviewed and what they had to say!

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Eric McLaughlin
Business Development, SilverLining Interiors
OHNY Program Partner and Benefit Committee Member

“I’m an Open House New Yorker because I’m always looking for new things to explore, to refresh my perspective and deepen my understanding of my home city.”


Aditya Gosh
Job Captain, FXFOWLE
OHNY Scavenger Hunt Enthusiast

“I’m an Open House New Yorker because I see the city to be a museum with shutters over every art piece, and to see them sans locks is something everyone should have access to.”


Daria Siegel
Director, LHMQ; Vice President, Economic Development Programs, Downtown Alliance
OHNY Program Partner

“It’s hard to believe there was a time before OHNY when we didn’t have an organization galvanizing New Yorkers to explore the amazing public and private spaces throughout New York City.”


Elsie St. Léger
Interior Designer / Materials Consultant
OHNY Member and Volunteer

“I’m an Open House New Yorker because I’m a proud native New Yorker and I love my city! Any chance to volunteer to show off my home’s very best is time well spent.”


Chad Spielmann
Senior Account Executive at Harrison and Star
OHNY Weekend District Coordinator and Member

“How many people get the chance to take a boat ride on a SuperFund site? As a neighbor of the Gowanus Canal, it was amazing to learn on the Gowanus Canal Bout Tour about one of New York City’s most polluted waterways, the much-needed cleanup project, and what will happen once the canal has been restored.”


Karen Stonely
Principal, SPAN Architecture
OHNY Board Member

“Every New Yorker is an Open House New Yorker, they just might not know it yet!”



Robert Balder
Executive Director, Cornell University’s College of Architecture, Art, and Planning (AAP) New York City Program
Longtime OHNY Supporter

“OHNY provides our students (really all New Yorkers) with compelling and unique experiences that connect them to New York City in ways that classroom learning can’t. It stimulates their study of the city and inspires them to think deeply about our past, present, and future. I wish OHNY could be part of every course!”



Saundra Thomas
Vice President of Community Affairs, WABC-TV
OHNY Board Member

“Open House New York is important to New York City because it creates access to places and spaces that make New York great and connects people in the process.”



Phillip Sulke
Founder, Shopikon
OHNY Member

“Once I visited a few sites I was sold. I knew that I wanted to participate more and not have to wait a full year. Being passionate about urban development and architecture made it very easy to join OHNY as a member.”


Shaelyn Amaio
Consultant, Lord Cultural Resources
OHNY Weekend Superfan

“Once I realized that OHNY was dedicated to increasing access to New York’s treasures, I was hooked. I love to explore New York City, especially when I can bring friends and family along for the adventure. OHNY opens the city to me in so many ways, and when it’s an OHNY event I know it’ll be great.”



Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer
OHNY Supporter and OHNY Weekend Site Host

“When I took office two years ago, I knew the historic maps in the flat files of our Topological Bureau deserved to be seen by all, which is why I’ve hosted a map display, in the McKim, Mead & White-designed Municipal Building, the last two OHNY Weekends.”



Alastair Elliott
Principal and Chief Operating Officer, Silman
Engineering New York Program Partner and OHNY Weekend Site Host

“Open House New York is important to New York City because it educates the general public about the important work done every day by design and construction professionals, without which the city simply would not function.”


Bahij Chancey
NYC Civic Corps, Department of Parks and Recreation
OHNY Volunteer and OHNY Weekend District Coordinator

“The decision to volunteer was easy for me. I wanted to support your program, and I have time. Volunteering has allowed me to take advantage of so many great OHNY offerings.”


Karen Zabarsky
Creative Director, Kushner Companies
OHNY Superfan

“OHNY is truly in line with the sharing economy of our generation. So much of this city’s beauty and magic has been made exclusive. OHNY combats this trend and brings the majestic views, the elite designers, the under construction park projects, and everything in between back to the public.”


Jessica Dailey
Managing Editor, Curbed
OHNY Weekend Program Partner

“OHNY opens doors to so many restricted places, and that’s incredibly exciting for a journalist because the sites undoubtedly lead to new stories.”


Mark Luckie
Journalist and Social Media Strategist
Time Out New York’s OHNY Weekend Scavenger Hunt Winner

“OHNY is important to New York City because we all love New York City. Experiencing its rich history makes us love it even more.”


Robin Nagle is OHNY

Robin Nagle
Anthropologist-in-Residence, DSNY
OHNY Weekend Site Host

“OHNY is important to New York City because it invites people to see the many amazing insides of the city, which helps the public better understand and appreciate New York’s beautiful complexity.”


Rebecca Karp is OHNY

Rebecca Karp
Senior Consultant, BuroHappold Cities

“I took my parents on a ‘behind the scenes tour’ of Brooklyn [during my first] OHNY Weekend, and I was hooked—what more incredible way to connect New Yorkers to their environment than by sharing unique places that we all may pass by daily?”


Clive Wilkinson is OHNY

Clive Wilkinson
President and Design Director, Clive Wilkinson Architects
OHNY Weekend Site Host

“OHNY is so important to the city—how else can we legally break into the working and living spaces of all of these exotic New Yorker people?”


Vivi Feng is OHNY

Vivi Feng
OHNY Weekend Event Guide Designer & Cover Girl

“OHNY is important to New York because it enables us to know more about the city we love!”



Marilynn Davis
Partner, K2S Advisors
OHNY Board of Directors

“It’s important that the citizens who inhabit the city have an opportunity to appreciate its history and promise. Welcoming forums like OHNY are important to this education and to the encouragement of the expanded perspective and awareness that characterize New Yorkers.”



Ben Helmer
OHNY Volunteer Photographer

“Architecture is pointless without people. We need every chance we can get to share New York with the people it was built for. Few organizations enable that like OHNY.”



Pia Yasay
OHNY Weekend District Coordinator

“OHNY provides an opportunity to discover a place or space that you might not have the chance to experience otherwise. It is valuable to me because a lot of the sites I’ve visited are on streets I’ve walked down many times before and in buildings I’ve never given a second thought, but OHNY gives me the chance to experience those unassuming places and uncover something new about New York.”



Rob Rogers
Principal, Rogers Partners
OHNY Board of Directors

“OHNY is important to New York City because it’s about access and information. I believe deeply in an informed citizenry – the more people know about how the city works and why, the better we’ll all be at making decisions and policy. And we’ll make a smarter city.”



Miquela Craytor
Director of NYC Industrial and Income Mobility, New York City Economic Development Corporation
Lead partner on Making it Here

“OHNY connects New Yorkers to places and to each other in a most unique way that reminds us of the connections we all have through our built environment.”



Enrique García Carrera
Associate Principal, Fisher Marantz Stone
OHNY at Night Tour Sponsor

“OHNY is important to New York City because it’s like receiving the real keys to the City.”



Felicia Mayro
Director, Neighborhood Preservation Center
OHNY Weekend Site Sponsor

“OHNY gives anyone who is interested the opportunity to see, experience, and learn about New York City’s built environment. It connects people and the spaces that make our city, and we have some great spaces.”



Penny Hardy
Principal, PS New York

“OHNY celebrates the diversity of visions and design perspectives in New York. It keeps us curious to learn more about the city and reminds us of the diversity that exists throughout the five boroughs.”



Brendan Crain
Program Director, Open House New York

“New Yorkers love to know their city in a way that I think is very unique to this town. New Yorkers love New York in a really distinct and strong way. OHNY makes a social activity out of it, allowing us to explore the city and learn about it together.”



Jacqueline Shaw
OHNY Weekend District Coordinator

“In a city of so many people and opportunities, it’s really nice to share unforgettable moments and learn about unforgettable spaces with a few.”



Eric Ball
OHNY Member, Weekend District Coordinator, 2013 Weekend Committee

“OHNY is important to New York City because seeing inside what’s around you makes a place feel like home.”


Frank Sciame
CEO of Sciame Construction
OHNY Site Sponsor & Supporter

“People should support OHNY because it provides the only opportunity for New Yorkers in all different fields to see inside the wonderful buildings of New York City. It’s truly a unique and tremendous opportunity.”


Bob Gelber
OHNY Program Sponsor & Member of the OHNY Volunteer Council

“It is one of the most special events in New York City. What a wonderful opportunity to explore all these sites for free! The only sad thing is that it’s only two days a year. It should be all year long!”


Dorothy-Dunn_enews copy

Dorothy Dunn
OHNY Board Member

“I don’t know another organization that represents architecture and design that has been so open and inclusive, not only in regards to the participants but also to the spaces themselves, so anyone could share any space and it would be embraced. In that sense, OHNY has been a great community builder.”


Sara Caples & Everardo Jefferson
OHNY Site Sponsors

“OHNY provides the means to explore the city in a way that would not be possible if it did not exist.”


Bob Baker
OHNY Participant & Supporter

“OHNY brings buildings to life. When you walk through New York, all the buildings can look huge and impersonal. But when you see the spaces with OHNY you are introduced to the history and purpose of each building. ”



Gregory Wessner
Executive Director of OHNY

“OHNY opens New York to everyone–to support OHNY is to support New York.”



Manhattan Borough President Scott M. Stringer
OHNY Supporter

“OHNY is a great magnet for attracting visitors to our City and puts a spotlight on what I love most about New York – the diversity and history of our many neighborhoods and cultures.”


Hugh Hardy
Founding partner, H3 Hardy Collaboration Architecture, OHNY Practicing Partner and site & program sponsor

“It is not an event just for architects or developers or planners, it is for everyone. The audience is REALLY diverse and that is very valuable.”



Robert Hammond
Co-founder of Friends of the High Line

“When we ask our members what program stands out the most, it is always OHNY. It is on the top of everyone’s list. It is a chance for people to participate and do things that most people don’t get a chance to do.”


Matthew Blesso
Founder & CEO, Blesso Properties, President of 3rd Ward, OHNY site sponsor

“I love the sense of community that OHNY creates and how so many different people come together for a shared interest. It has a sense of intimacy that is not an easy thing to come by in New York City.”


Roy Kim
Senior Vice President Design, Extell Development, OHNY board member and site sponsor

“One of my most memorable OHNY experiences was the tour of One World Trade Center. I was not prepared for how thrilling it would feel to be able to step into the ‘ground zero’ space, and then be able to survey the land from the new building. We were able to sign our names on the building. It was amazing!”


Ann V. Reilly
Freelance Print Designer, OHNY Volunteer

“Promoting access to arts education is a pet cause of mine, whether it is access to architecture, visual arts, libraries, etc. Public access is important and that is what OHNY strives to provide.”


Ellen Ryan
VP, Strategic Partnerships Brooklyn Bridge Park, OHNY site committee member & site sponsor

“I learned about OHNY by coming across the printed guide and thinking the idea was genius.  Revealing the city’s secrets and inner sanctums, connecting the curious with the curators. I had to get involved!”


Brien McDaniel
Director of Public Relations, FXFOWLE, OHNY volunteer and site sponsor

“My first OHNY volunteer/site sponsor training took place at Grace Church in Greenwich Village and it has left a huge impression on me. I was new to New York and the Gothic Revival architecture and the stained glass windows blew me away.”


Caroline Otto
Senior Associate – anderson Architects, OHNY board member, site & program sponsor

“Back in 2001, my desk at anderson was right next to Scott Lauer (the founder of OHNY). He talked about living in London and this amazing event (Open House London). He said that we should have the same thing here in New York and that someone needs to start it. I’ve basically been involved in OHNY before it ever even existed.”


Mark Gardner
principal, Jaklitsch/Gardner Architects, long-time OHNY volunteer

“An early site I volunteered at for OHNY Weekend was Woodlawn Cemetery in the Bronx, not many people came so the cemetery caretaker took me on a private tour. I didn’t realize that all these jazz greats were buried there. It was a great experience.”

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