We are excited to announce of the winners of the 2013 Modern Architecture and Design Scavenger Hunt! Thanks so much to everyone who participated. We hope you had a great time and will join the hunt again next year.

Drum roll please….



First place: Go Ben Go

(Michael and Jon Gordon)

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This father-son team was the first to arrive at the reception and they still won by a 7 point margin! They managed to get to every site uptown, nearly every site in midtown, and they even made it to the Bronx. They managed to photograph a Marcel Breuer building from the platform of the subway in the Bronx. Well done!

Second Place: More is More

(Sarah Milstein and Matthew Wills)


This team racked up points by finding more modern religious structures than any other team.

Third Place: AFK

(Imelda Bernstein, Violette Rychlicki, Liza Billings, Jenny Liu, and Edward Powers)

Boroughs 1 TWA Terminal JFK      Boroughs 2 NYS  Pavilion Tent of Tomorrow, Observation towers and Theaterama

AFK was the team to make it to the TWA FLight Center and the NYS Pavillion in Flushing, Queens. Nice job in getting to those outer boroughs!

Other Highlights

Here are some photo highlights from the other teams (see all of the photos on flickr)

Brian’s Angels was the team with the most creative captions. They were the only team to spot Le Corbusier glasses on the street! Apparently, this lady was insistent that everyone know that she found her glasses in London. There you have it! To see all of the team’s photos you can visit their Flickr page.



Les Moustachus get the award for the most creative team theme. In each of their photos they are all sporting their mustaches. They even printed out stickers and were handing them out at the closing reception. Way to get into the spirit, Les Moustachus!

Team Platypus wins the prize for best enactment of the Noguchi sculpture in Rockefeller Center.


Another one of our favorite photos was of the Anarchitects Team. Here they are boldly posing in the lobby of the Corning Glass Building (notice the security guard behind them trying to shoo them away).

Followers of Moses (Robert Moses, that is) got creative in snapping their photos of a Noguchi sculpture that sits outside the Marine Midland Bank. We like your style!


Team Emily2 went all the way out to Roosevelt Island to Four Freedoms Park. The park, designed by Louis Kahn, was just completed and is now open to the public. Nice work, Emily2!


Three Blind Mice made new friends at Joe Fresh. The photo includes a Bertoia sculpture that is at 510 Fifth Avenue.


Many teams were able to find Paley Park, one of the first “vest-pocket” parks, designed by Zion & Breen with Albert Preston Moore, and take a minute to put up their feet and relax by the water fall. Team Vengeance is pictured above.




One of the hardest clues, worth 10 points, was at the Met, where you had to photograph the original 1880 museum designed by Calvert Vaux (top photo, by Salt and Corrosion), the Fifth Avenue redesign by Richard Morris Hunt (middle photo by Mies van der Hoes), and the mid-century additions by Kevin Roche and John Dinkeloo (bottom photo by Taking it for Granite). The trick was that you had to go inside the museum to find Vaux’s contribution–well done, Salt and Corrosion, Poor Wand’ring One, Mies van der Hoes, and Taking it for Granite!

brownies     MitchPNY

Also, a shout out to the brave souls who hunted solo! Team Brownie’s and Poor Wand’ring One.


Midtown 10 ATT and Rockefeller Apts B

For one clue, teams were asked to go to MoMA and find a spot where they could capture both Philip Johnson’s AT&T Building, and Wallace Harrison’s and Edward Durell Stone’s Rockefeller Apartments in the same photo. Many teams got creative in finding a spot where you can see the buildings from the street, rather than through the window from inside MoMA–clever! Team BLW Global Rooms is pictured in the top photo, and below is AFK, who pointed out the hard-to-spot AT&T Building in the background.

Thanks again to all the hunters, and our generous hosts–Room & Board and Trespa!



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