New York Art Deco Scavenger Hunt

By the Numbers




On Saturday, August 9th, Open House New York and the Art Deco Society of New York (ADSNY) co-hosted the first-ever citywide New York Art Deco Scavenger Hunt, which turned out to be a memorable adventure for more than 200 Deco fans. Members of the 75 participating teams were tasked with deciphering 60 clues (along with several bonus challenges) while racing around the five boroughs to snap and post photos of themselves in front of as many Deco landmarks as possible before the clock ran out at 5pm. The following is a breakdown of the day’s activities:

Total # of photos submitted: 1,437
Photos submitted per hour: 210
Photos submitted per minute: 3.5

Teams that went to at least one outer borough: 32
Teams that went to more than one outer borough: Only 4 out of 70
Most visited outer borough: 20 teams ventured to the Bronx (including all three winning teams!)
Most (correctly) visited site: Though the Chrysler Building (Clue 22) entrance and the Waldorf-Astoria (Clue 52) tied for most visited site, because some teams mis-guessed Clue 52, the Waldorf-Astoria was the most correctly guessed site.

Total points scored: 2,831

Top three teams:
Deco Raters, 99 points
Setbackz, 77 points
Art Deco You Kidding Me? Committee, 74 points

Average score: 40

Congratulations to the three winning teams, and thank you to everyone who participated in this event! View highlights from the event on our Facebook page.