OHNY continued its 10th Anniversary celebration with the 10th Anniversary Benefit on Wednesday, June 6th. The event took place at the old Claremont Stables, also known as the Claremont Riding Academy on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. Claremont Stables, which closed in 2007, was the last public stable in Manhattan and is currently being converted to a theater for the Steven Gaynor School by Rogers Marvel Architects.  The ambiance of the space, its exposed rafters and “under construction”  elements, provided the perfect venue for OHNY to celebrate ten years of uncovering many hidden gems of New York City, just like the Claremont Stables.












OHNY honored four outstanding New Yorkers:

Speaker Christine C. Quinn, New York City Council Speaker.

Tim Tompkins, President of the Time Square Alliance.

Robert Hammond & Joshua David, Co-Founders of the Friends of the High Line.

Each honoree gave wonderfully inspiring and heartfelt speeches, and had many lovely things to say about openhousenewyork. Read a quote from each honoree’s speech below.

Christine C. Quinn

New York City Council Speaker

“I think that it’s critical as our city continues to grow and expand that we want to grow and expand off of that foundation of the wonder of our diverse neighborhoods in every borough. And in what (OHNY is) doing you help us celebrate and remind us of that. You also remind us that another great thing about New York is you just never know what your going to find when you turn that corner you’ve never turned before and that is one of the things that keeps us so vibrant and so exciting and makes it so that we kick the toucas of any other city in the world and I want to thank you for embracing that idea” – Christine Quinn


Tim Tompkins

President of the Times Square Alliance

“openhousenewyork is something to celebrate so much, I owe so much of what we have been doing in Times Square not only with the midnight sign tours but in terms of the emphasis on design and public art, and really helping us to do what openhousenewyork does so well which is behind all the noise and all the business discovering all the many, many hidden beauties of the city that we so love.” – Tim Tompkins

Robert Hammond and Joshua David

Co-Founders of Friends of the High Line

“openhousenewyork played such a critical role in the early stages of the High Line. I remember the very first OHNY/High Line event, the only thing we could do was to get people on top of a building where they could look over a ledge at one little block of rail tracks, and that was when we really realized that hey, people might really like the High Line because people waited in line just to look over that ledge. Then gradually we got to let people stand next to the High Line, and then finally actually go on it. So the High Line and openhousenewyork have really grown step by step together.” – Robert Hammond

Each honoree received a personalized plaque designed by New York artist, Tom Otterness to recognize their indelible contributions to the city’s built environment and for their continued support of OHNY and OHNY’s mission to inspire, engage, and educate the public about New York City’s architecture design and cultural heritage.

Christine Quinn, Margaret Sullivan and Gale Brewer


Robert Hammond, Scott Lauer & Joshua David


Accompanying the honorees on the night’s agenda was a silent auction. With the generous support from artists, designers, and organizations such as Marc Jacobs, Stanley Greenberg, Elliott Kaufman, Paul Warchol, Steven Holl, Esto, UM Projects, OHNY was able to raise money to help support the 10th Anniversary OHNY Weekend. A big thanks to all those that donated and bid on all the exceptional items.


OHNY silent auction


Here are more fun photos of our guests enjoying themselves during the evening.


OHNY would like to thank everyone one that helped to make this evening possible. It was a huge success and a great way to kick off our 10th Anniversary year! Stay tuned for more exciting programs and special events and don’t forget to mark your calendar for the 2012 OHNY Weekend, October 6 & 7, 2012.

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