On Tuesday June 18th, openhousenewyork hosted its annual “Volunteer Recognition Event.” Held each year, the event is an opportunity to celebrate and thank the OHNY volunteers who have contributed their efforts to the Annual OHNY Weekend for 5 years. This year’s celebration was particularly special, for it was the first time OHNY also thanked those volunteers who have been with us for 10 years.

The ceremony and reception was held at the Arsenal, a jewel of a building in Central Park. Built between 1847 and 1851, it is the home of the Parks Commissioner of the City of New York and the office of the Central Park Conservancy and City Parks Foundation.


Our hosts this year were Bob Gelber and Michael Roque, members of the OHNY Volunteer Council. The ceremony began with welcome remarks by OHNY Founder Scott Lauer, a surprise guest that evening and Gregory Wessner, Executive Director of OHNY. Jonathan Kuhn, Director of Art and Antiquities of the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, was our guest speaker this year who led a fascinating discussion of New York City history.

During the event, each 5- and 10- year volunteer was recognized for their continuous dedication and support of openhousenewyork. Volunteers are an integral part of OHNY and the OHNY Weekend, without whom our annual celebration of New York’s built environment could not be possible.


10 year volunteers
Claire Edwards
Mary Farrell
Connie Finstad
Patricia Guida
George Hall
Susan Katz
Alfred Kurchin
Scott Lauer
Stephen Mack
Kathryn McManus
Caroline Otto
Cindy Riley
Patricia Romeu
Margaret Sullivan
Barbara Torney
Jean Vertefeuille
Bernard Wides


5 year volunteers
Gail Addiss
Nina Barucco
Daphne Bell
Neil Benowitz
Judy Chen
Donna Cohen
Lindsay Crozier
Hal eskenazi
Melissa Friedman
Mark Gardner
Ruth Gold
Stanley Goldberg
William Gordson
Maura Graziano
Suzanne Gurney
Randy Hans
Jill Horn
Ethel Jatlowsky
Eva Lam
Helena Lai
Virginia Liebowitz
Marie Logiudice
Jayne Lunch
Kara Maser
Agatha Melvin
Patrick Montlary
Phillip O’Brien
Diane Patrick
Michael Roque
Ira Rosen
Susan Rosen
Norma Rosenthal
Minna Scharff
Rosalie Shields
Carmen Soubriet
Karol Stonger
Nancy Tepper
William Thompson
Sulvia Weiner
Kent Young
Diana Zuluaga


The ceremony concluded with a tour of the Arsenal guided by Bob Gelber into some of the most fascinating spaces in the building.

OHNY extends our deep thanks to Eileen Remor, Director of Operations of the Arsenal and her amazing staff who so warmly invited us into their “home” and allowed OHNY to celebrate this special occasion.

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