Missed Reservation Day for the 12th Annual OHNY Weekend? Fear not! There are still dozens of fantastic tours with a few spots left—but act quickly, as reservations close on Thursday, October 9th, and time is running out!

Wondering what there is to see? Here are some fantastic tours of sites where New Yorkers go to PLAY.

Bushwick Park by Kiss Cathcart

Photo: Paul Warchol

Bushwick Inlet Park

Kiss + Catchcart Architects and the NYC Department of Parks and Recreation will lead a behind-the-scenes tour of the new Bushwick Inlet Park district headquarters and community center, an amazing new green building literally tucked beneath a vibrant, elevated waterfront park designed by Starr Whitehouse Architects. Click here to reserve!

SI-Discover Freshkills Park_credit Courtesy of the City of New York_full

Photo: c/o City of New York

Discover Freshkills Park

Hop on the bus to Freshkills Park to learn the story of the past, present and future of this unique site’s development. NYC Parks staff will discuss the planning and the design of Freshkills Park, from the master planning process with James Corner Field Operations to the in-house strategy for executing the final vision. Stops at the top of the park’s hills offer beautiful panoramic views of Staten Island. Click here to reserve!

Q-Urban Landscapes Along the Water's Edge in Long Island City, The_credit Larry Blumberg_full

Photo: Larry Blumberg

Urban Landscapes Along the Water’s Edge in LIC

Join Robin Lynn and Francis Morrone, authors of the recently published Guide to New York City Urban Landscapes, on an exploration of Gantry Plaza State Park and Hunter’s Point South Park, adjacent open spaces along the water’s edge in Long Island City, to see creative landscape architecture at this former industrial site, now revitalized and green. Click here to reserve!


For a full list of tours for which you can still reserve slots, visit ohny.eventbrite.com before October 9th!