Place Setting: At Home with Donald Judd

Thursday, March 11, 2010

6 – 8:30pm

Donald Judd Home and Studio, 101 Spring Street

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Join openhousenewyork for an exclusive tour of Donald Judd’s New York residence and studio in celebration of Judd’s investigations into art and architecture.

This unique event is an opportunity to experience Judd’s astute sensibility, his vision for living and his manner of entertaining family, friends and fellow artists. Months before the building’s major restoration efforts begin, the Judd Foundation and chefs Nils NorĂ©n and Christina Wang of the French Culinary Institute will co-host the evening with signature cocktails and a fusion of Mexican and Swedish hors d’oeuvres, reflecting Judd’s favorite cuisines.

One of the most influential artists of the 20th century, Judd carefully designed and arranged his minimalist residence from his artwork and modernist furniture to the stainless steel sinks and radiators (or lack there of). He purchased 101 Spring Street, a 5-story cast-iron building designed by Nicholas Whyte in 1870, in 1968 for under $70,000. Today, the building is one of the founding sites in the program of Historic Artists’ Homes and Studios for the National Trust for Historic Preservation and is the only intact, single-use cast-iron building remaining in SoHo. 101 Spring Street is currently closed to the public and will undergo restoration efforts starting this June.

(From left to right, images courtesy of The Judd Foundation and The French Culinary Institute.)

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