On behalf of all of us at openhousenewyork, this is a note of thanks for your passion (and patience) for OHNY Weekend.

Aside from the Weekend itself, the day that advance reservations go live is easily the busiest day of the year in the OHNY office. To give you a sense of the magnitude of the response today, in the few hours before noon, our web site, www.ohny.org, had received more than 130,000 page views–with 30,000 of those page views hitting the site in the twenty minutes between 11:00 and 11:20 a.m. when reservations first went live. At its busiest, we were fielding 647 visitors per second. Within the first hour, EventBrite had processed more than 4,000 reservations.

For those of you who did not get your first (or second or third) choice for advance reservation tours, we are deeply sorry. We realize it is an imperfect system and that the demand for reservations far exceeds the number we can offer. The overwhelming response is a testament to the extraordinary level of interest in architecture, design, and New York that exists in the city. Despite the number of tours that are booked, reservations for many sites and programs are still available; our reservation page at www.ohny.eventbrite.com lists all the sites and tours that have open reservations. And please do not forget that the majority of sites on OHNY Weekend require no reservations at all–you can visit them whenever you want during the days and times listed in the OHNY Weekend Event Guide or on our web site. This includes perennial favorites like the TWA Flight Center and Brooklyn Army Terminal, as well as most of the private residences on Interior Design Magazine’s Designers’ Own Home Series.

And finally, remember that openhousenewyork organizes tours and programs all year long, so be sure to follow us after the Weekend as we continue to open up the city.

At a moment when so much of our lives are mediated through screens of varying sizes, OHNY Weekend reminds us that, especially when it comes to buildings and cities, nothing can substitute for the visceral power that firsthand experience provides. Thank you again for supporting OHNY and we hope you have a fantastic Weekend!


Gregory Wessner
Executive Director