I AM OHNY is a campaign we began in late 2011 to highlight and celebrate Open House New York’s diverse community of supporters.

Architect Rob Rogers first experienced OHNY on a tour of the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant during OHNY Weekend, and remembers the experience very fondly: “It’s a fabulous piece of infrastructure, architecture, and civic work. I love to learn about how this city has grown, I can never get enough.”

“I was lucky, young, optimistic and naïve when I came to New York right out of college,” he recalls, “and all those are still true except the young part. I came here to work with I.M.Pei, which I did for six years before starting my own practice.” Today, Rob helms the award-winning Rogers Partners Architects, and sits on OHNY’s Governing Board.

Thank you, Rob, for everything that you do for OHNY!


What do you love most about New York City?
This is where stuff happens.

What is your favorite building and/or neighborhood in the city?
In the mid-1980’s I lived on a house boat at the 79th Street boat basin. Though I’ve now lived on land for decades since, that was still one of the most compelling bunch of neighbors one could imagine. No one locked their doors and we shared everything.

What was your most memorable OHNY experience?
My OHNY inaugural visit – to the Newtown Creek sewage plant. The operating engineer who led the tour was able to give us all the history of sewage and wastewater in the city. He was incredibly proud of his facility, bragged about its capacity and performance; I think the several young kids on the tour came away with ambitions to be waste management engineers!

If OHNY could grant you an all-access pass to any place in the city, where would you go, and why?
I would love an all tunnel pass. One that enabled visits inside the Holland Tunnel tubes, the path connections, the Brooklyn Battery, the train tunnels to Penn and Grand Central; then into the new water tunnel and MTA connections. That would be a fabulous day.

OHNY is important to New York City because…
It’s about access and information. I believe deeply in an informed citizenry – the more people know about how the city works and why, the better we’ll all be at making decisions and policy. And we’ll make a smarter city.

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