OHNY is dedicated to engaging New York City’s residents and visitors with the City’s best architecture, design, culture and history in all corners of the city. So we were excited to form a partnership with MyBlockNYC, an online interactive video sharing site, for the 2012 OHNY Weekend. Brian Paccione, a film student at Columbia and Manager of Education Programs at MyBlockNYC is creating the public service announcement for the 2012 OHNY Weekend. This PSA will run on WABC-TV among other outlets and will capture the discovery, the insights and the fun of OHNY Weekend – we can’t wait to share it!

What is MyBlockNYC? It’s a crowd-sourced interactive on-line platform that allows visitors to explore the city through intimate, user-submitted videos corresponding to specific blocks in the city. MyBlockNYC asks members to upload what they see and how they experience New York City, and match the video to a particular block. Alex Kalman, Igal Nassima and Alex Rickard, who met while students at Bard College, founded MyBlockNYC and developed their idea for an interactive video map of New York City. As the manifesto states,

“The goal of MyBlockNYC is to unify and harness the creative potential of New York City’s occupants and visitors to give a better understanding of their own environment and then share this knowledge with others around the world.”

Videos range from tours of underground tunnels of the city, to interviews with only-in-New-York New Yorkers, to a video of Cookie Monster playing the xylophone in a Lexington Avenue subway station. Some of the uploaded videos are polished short films, others are short lively snippets filmed with a smart phone or a basic camera. Each video captures a unique moment and the distinctive personality of a New York City block.

The interface of the website allows anyone to easily explore and search for videos of the city based on filters such as location, subject matter, time of day, or season. In addition, visitors can search for videos based on traits of the filmmaker, such as their age or sex. Taken together, MyBlockNYC is a portrait of the city from the ground up, its immediacy and its diversity of points of view so emblematic of  New York itself.

Immerse yourself in the different perspectives of the city and, if you’re so inclined, ‘claim your block’ by becoming a member and uploading your own unique perspective to share with others!  We also hope to announce another collaboration with MyBlockNYC for our OHNY Weekend so stay tuned!

Visit MyBlockNYC and check out this video to learn how to share your content and become part of the MyBlockNYC community.


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