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By Robert Moore, Volunteer Council member It was a dark and stormy night…well, it was one of those steamy summer nights when unexpected, evening thunderstorms hurl themselves upon unsuspecting commuters. However, on this Tuesday evening the rain relented just too late to allow the open roof to be used for the festivities for the presentation […]

Interested in learning more about the duties and perks of a being an OHNY Weekend Volunteer? Join OHNY and the Volunteer Council for our 2nd Annual Volunteer Recruitment Happy Hour event at SideBAR on Wednesday, August 18th.  Bring family, friends and co-workers out for complimentary drinks starting at 7pm. At the event, you will be […]

Greetings, openhousenewyork volunteers and supporters! Bruce McDonald here, from your trusty OHNY Volunteer Council. I’m peering through the computer screen today, searching out some of our most energized and devoted minions to join our ranks, and I think I see one. Yes, you, right there – the one reading this post! I think you’ve got […]