One lucky winner won the polished aluminum Kong chair, designed by Philippe Starck and donated by Emeco (and valued at $2,595), through the OHNY Weekend Raffle this past October.  It turned out to be Debra, who lives in Syracuse and made a special trip down to New York City for the 7th Annual OHNY Weekend.  She has also participated and won in our focus on architecture photography competition in years past.

So the chair made the journey from our office to Syracuse, where Debra let us know that it arrived safe and sound:

What a joy it was to unwrap it and behold the puddles of light that shimmered over it. For now it’s gracing the entryway, but may find its way to the office or kitchen in a day or two. I love the way its reflective element accommodates its milieu.  The puddles of light move across it as you approach and then pass by.  It really is quite visually as well as tactilely engaging.  I think of it as liquid mercury.

So thank you to everyone who participated and many thanks to Emeco, for donating the Philippe Starck Kong chair for our first ever OHNY Weekend Raffle!

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