Open House New York is excited to announce the first in a series of profiles about 2015 OHNY Weekend volunteers. Volunteers play a pivotal role on-site managing lines, fielding questions, and assisting with check-in. Quite simply, OHNY Weekend would not be possible without the generous contribution of their time and energy.

In the inaugural profile, Michael Crowe talks about his love for New York City and about his expectations as a first-time volunteer during OHNY Weekend. Michael currently lives in Central Harlem and works in digital publishing.


“I’ve followed OHNY on social media for a few years now and have always been drawn to its mission. I grew up in the suburbs just north of the city. This summer I finally made the move into Manhattan. My move into the city has fueled my interest in its history, design, and infrastructure. I am looking forward to sharing my love for NYC with everyone participating in OHNY Weekend.

“Have you ever gotten on the subway, only to realize it’s the wrong line? It happened to me the other day. Instead of going to Christopher Street, I ended up at Chambers. But I wasn’t mad. I was in no rush and I’d never been to that stop before. Ascending the stairs to exit an unfamiliar station is always exciting. ‘How will the city look here? What will it feel like?’

“It’s nearly impossible to choose a favorite neighborhood or site in NYC. Each part has its distinct charms, and there’s still so much of the island and the outer boroughs I have yet to explore. New York, like any city, is ever changing, and it’s vital we continue to treasure and protect the architectural gems of the past that still stand. I’m excited to nurture in others a sense of history and an ownership of place during OHNY Weekend.”

A huge thank you to the over 1,100 individuals who registered to volunteer during the 2015 OHNY Weekend on October 17 and 18! Looking forward to working with you for another great year!