An amazing group of more than 1,400 people from across New York and around the world have signed up to volunteer and help make the 2016 Open House New York Weekend possible. They all share a love of New York City, and make up a vibrant mix of new and returning volunteers.

This week, meet Tiffanie Green, one of district coordinators, and David Roder, an international volunteer!



District Coordinators are a special team of individuals who volunteer their entire weekend to make sure everything runs smoothly across the city. They are assigned specific neighborhoods and help manage all volunteers and sites in the area.


Name: Tiffanie Green
Occupation: Communications and Marketing Coordinator, Mount Sinai Health System
Neighborhood: Teaneck, NJ

Favorite spot in New York City?
Incredibly cliche, but I love Central Park. Taking a walk along the paths never fails to cheer me up.

Best Open House New York memory?
Last year, volunteers were invited to an incredible lecture by the NYC Department of Sanitation’s anthropologist-in-residence Robin Nagle. Not only did I not know NYC Sanitation had its own anthropologist, I also was clueless about the amazing role that trash has played in the shaping of the city. Besides opening the doors of incredible spaces to the masses, I enjoy OHNY’s imaginative and informative lectures. I have learned so much about the city through them.

Why are you volunteering for OHNY Weekend?
I started volunteering immediately after graduating college when I was broke and underemployed. As a lifelong New Yorker, I’ve always admired the city’s rich architecture. Volunteering presented a free means of taking a backstage tour of these amazing spaces… plus it was a great way to take my mind off being broke and underemployed. : )

Why did you decide to be a District Coordinator this year?
I jumped at the opportunity to take a more active role in the Weekend. I have lived and/or worked in New York City for my entire life and yet there is always some part of the city that is newly amazing and inspiring. Being a District Coordinator seemed a great way to take an intimate tour of a neighborhood.

If you were a New York City landmark, what would you be?
Central Park is my favorite spot in New York City. Bethesda Fountain is my favorite piece of public art within the park. I’ve visited the fountain in the early mornings, before tourists descend, and I can find such a sense of calm. It’s a piece of serenity in this hectic city. I’d like to think I am too!

Fun fact?
My first word was Batman. I’m pretty sure this had something to do with Prince’s Batdance.



People from across the city and around the world travel to New York to give back to Open House New York and participate as volunteers each year.


Name: David Roder
Occupation: Architect working as the city engineer of a rural regional municipality near Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee)
Neighborhood: Nesher, a town next to Haifa, in the northern part of Israel

Favorite spot in New York City?
Sadly, it’s only a memory of something that is no longer there…the twin towers. For many reasons. I like very much Central Park as a public oasis for all. It’s been awhile since my last visit to New York, but I do remember very well all the fantastic museums and exhibitions I saw – that had a great impact on me for years.

Why are you volunteering for OHNY Weekend?
These Open House Weekends are important and interesting. They are held in major cities where we can learn and get to see those sometimes small projects which make our cities what they are, year after year. I have volunteered for the past five or six Open House Weekends in Tel Aviv and once in Jerusalem as well. Since I am planning on coming to New York during OHNY Weekend, I am very excited to volunteer. I want to take part in something I find not only important, but a big celebration of the energy of a city that is free for all.

What is your favorite site during Open House Tel Aviv?
It was an old Telephone Exchange building that was renovated and now it’s a hostel/hotel.


A huge thank you to Tiffanie and David and to the 1,400 individuals who registered to volunteer during the 2016 OHNY Weekend on October 15 and 16!