The Public Theater



The Public Theater is one of the nation’s preeminent cultural institutions, where all the country’s voices, rhythms, and cultures converge under one roof. The historic Public Theater headquarters at 427 Lafayette date back to 1854 when the building originally opened as the first of the free public reference library in the United States. The Library continued to operate until the opening the New York Public Library, when it was re-purposed into housing for newly arrived Jewish immigrants. It wasn’t until its acquisition by Joseph Papp in 1965 that the building became what it is know as today, The Public Theater. Get a behind-the-scenes look of the building’s rich history as well as some of the newer additions to the architecture for yourself during this year’s OHNY Weekend!

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New York City Center



photo credit Aislinn Wiedele/Ennead Architects


Built in 1923 by Architect Harry P. Knowles as a meeting place for the members of the Ancient order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, what is now the New York City Center, was originally designed as a National Mecca Temple and reflects many fascinating Arabic themes. Much of the original fa├žade and interior remain today in this historic building regardless of the multiple incidences of near demolition. The City Center’s history and its ever-present mission of making the arts accessible to the broadest possible audience make it an important civic and cultural staple of the New York City. Explore the building with Ennead Architects during OHNY Weekend!

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Theater for a New Audience



photo credit H3 Hardy Collaboration Architecture


Join H3 Hardy Collaboration Architecture and Sciame Construction for hard hat tours of the Theater for a New Audience in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. This 299-seat, 27,500 square-foot theater will open in 2013. Be one of the first to view the first major house for classical works in New York City since the Vivian Beaumont Theater during OHNY Weekend.

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